This enchanted journey began about 4 years ago when I decided to make cakes to supplement my income. After all, how hard could it be?

I soon found I had to borrow tools from my young children to make the finer details that adorned these cakes and the hours were to say the least very long. As time went by, the labour involved seemed to stay the same but the love that went into these cakes is what made them so special. And the love that was returned made everything worthwhile, from a child’s smile at a birthday party to the roars at a bachelors! Even the heartache of watching hours of work being devoured is replaced with happiness as the satisfied looks told me that not only did my cake look good, but it tasted the same too.

Almost nothing has changed from when this started, the cake mix is still done by hand and the icing or “fondant” is still mostly coloured the hard old fashioned way.


Now as cost is an issue not only to me but my clients as well, almost everything is hand crafted where possible, no 2 cakes are ever the same and the ingredients used are of the highest standard. Special cakes are made for those less tolerant of the ingredients in standard cakes and any design is considered for any occasion.

The story is far from over as every cake I bake and create especially for you ads another chapter to the book of Enchanted Cakes, a book where every chapter has a happy ending.

I hope to add your chapter to our very special story.